Author Topic: For FSX users - FPS tuning  (Read 10403 times)

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For FSX users - FPS tuning
« on: January 26, 2012, 16:44:50 PM »
Very few graphical engines can draw and handle so many polygons as FSX’s graphical engine. Using this ability we can create very detailed objects in FSX but of course that means increased hardware usage and less performance. For sure you heard or read on forums people yelling because of weak FPS (frame per second) in FSX. We strongly recommend to use FSX SP2 or Acceleration Pack (moreover our sceneries are designed for SP2/AP).
We also recommend using 64 bit operation system like Windows 7. Do not forget only 64 bit system can address more than 4 Gbyte RAM (including the graphical card), so if you have a 32 bit system and more than 4 Gbyte, everything above 4 Gbyte is useless as the system cannot use it.
One of the biggest performance ‘eater’ is the shadow. If your FPS is under the acceptable level (usually below 20), in display options, hardware section switch off the scenery cast shadow. You will for sure win a reasonable amount of FPS.
Last but not least we strongly recommend the following website: ; This website can generate an fsx.cfg file according your hardware. The result depends on your hardware and your current settings, but if you never messed with the fsx.cfg it is for sure you will gain remarkable amount of FPS. Just follow the instructions of the site.

Our test:

I have tested with FSX SP2. I have no addon installed except the LHDC Debrecen.

My spec is  Intel Pentium i7-860. 4 core with hypertreadhing virtually 8. 2.8 GHz in default but turbo mode is engaged when needed than it can go up to 3,46 GHz. And plus 8 MB cache.
4GB kingston DDR3 RAM.
NVidia GTX460 graphical card 768 Mega memory.
OS is win7 64 bit.

I have tested with Debrecen scenery. This is a saved flight, so after the fsx.cfg tweaking we will be at the same point, same amount of polygon has to be drawned. This is the most "complex" part of the scenery, lot of poly is used by the terminal and in the background the autogen consumes  also a lot.

If I do not move the camera the FPS is 14-16.

My settings:

Látszik azért nem teljesen alap beállítások.

Tweaking the fsx.cfg:

Now I could download my new fsx.cfg

I have renamed my old fsx.cfg to fsx_old.cfg in case something goes wrong I can recover it. I have pasted the new cfg and restarted the FSX.

Here is the result.

The result is 29-30 FPS which is the double of the previous.

I strongly recommend to all FSX user to try this. Nothing can go wrong if you save your original fsx.cfg.
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Re:For FSX users - FPS tuning
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2012, 17:14:08 PM »
However the FS9.1 still got 60+ FPS with Extreme settings, REX+Aerosoft Budapest + iFly Boeing :D So... :D
A vas:

Intel i7-2600k 4/8 HT @ 4.6GHz
Asrock Extreme3 Gen3 MB
Kingston HyperX 8GB RAM @ 1600MHz
HDD WDC640GB 7200/64MB