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scenery is almost obsolete warning
« on: December 02, 2017, 20:13:04 PM »
I have been struggling with no terminals since the beginning.  I have gotten to a point where I can see the terminals, but even after I successfully activate the scenery I am now getting this warning that it is nearly obsolete and I need to activate by the end of the month.

Let me detail my setup in case this helps both with this issue as well as the no terminal issue.

For all my scenery (except ORBX) I am using the add-on.xml method.  So for LHBP, I have been letting the install occur normally (in a folder outside Prepar3d) and then moving the lines out of the scenery.cfg file but creating an add-on.xml with the same information.  As for the dll that is installed, I have tried 2 different options - 1) leave it in the standard modules section where it was installed, or 2) move it to where I installed the scenery, but added a module node to the xml file that tells prepar3d where it is. 

In all options above, I have always gotten the jetways, runways, etc. but not the terminals.  I never received the obsolete warning.

Today, I put the lines back in the scenery.cfg file.  Which has now allowed me to see the terminals.  However during the loading of Prepar3d I get the warning about the scenery being nearly obsolete and that I should activate by end of the month.  I closed Prepar3d, ran activation program, it said it was communicating and then said it was successful, however I continue to get the warning about the scenery being nearly obsolete when I start Prepar3d.  Perhaps this is because the dll  (which I assume is what is checking for a valid version of scenery) does not support an install outside the prepar3d folder.

Do I need to have the scenery in the prepar3d folder in order for activation to work correctly?
Does the scenery support the add-on.xml method, or must we have a scenery.cfg entry?