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Hungary Airport Pack 1 for MSFS

(korábban mint Hungary West Pack)

You can purchase it through the MSFS built in Marketplace!
Launch your MSFS, select marketplace, in the top right corner enter lhsimulations to the search bar. It will list all of our content:

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Hungary! This LHSimulations Hungary Airport Pack 1 for MSFS Includes 6 airports of Hungary. These small airports are really the best for fun-flying.

LHPR - Gyõr-Pér Airport | 2030m asphalt
LHSM - Hévíz Balaton Airport | 2500m concrete
LHFM - Meidl Airport | 985m asphalt
LHPP - Pécs-Pogány Airport | 1500m asphalt
LHOY - Õcsény Airfield | 1200m grass
LHBY - Gyõrszentiván-Bõny | 750m grass

Two airports (LHFM and LHOY) are new airport sceneries, the rest four are conversions but they have been refurbished as well with new buildings and objects.
Hundreds of highly detailed custom models
Major buildings have PBR materials and bump textures.

We intend to frequently update tha pack with new contents like landmarks and even airports.
Future updates will bring:
PBR Materials for all objects
Custom backgrounds

Contact us: www.lhsimulations.com

created by LHSimulations, Roland Kovács and Tibor Kókai

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