Error during the activation!

Most common errors:

Error 302:
Banned registry code. The registry code was activated too many times therefore is has been locked / banned. Contact us and we will unlock it. Preferably contact us from the email you have purchased the scenery with and we can identify you easier.

Error 303:
The installer cannot determine the installation route of the simulator. The registry may be corrupted.
In case of Prepar3D v4 this is an error which comes up sometimes. Unfortunately we could not find the root cause yet but we are working on it. If you try to activate it on v4 please contact us or check the related forum topic:

Error 304:
The DLL could not be copied to the simulator's Modules folder. Most probably the current user does not have full access to the folder. Please run the LHSproductact.exe with administrator rights!

For technical help please contact us on email.

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