Approach Extension Pack

This extension pack was created for our freeware sceneries (LHSM, LHPP, LHDC). This pack adds published approaches (ILS, NDB, RNAV) to these sceneries. The procedures was created based on the latest charts available.

Later this pack will be merged into the scenery installers (will be LHSM v1.01, LHPP 2.01, LHDC 1.21), but before we do so we want to make sure this pack is correct.
 Download link: Approach Extension Pack   
In this pack you can find both FS9 and FSX version. In the subdirectories you can find ‘bgl’ files. Simply copy these files into your ‘Addon Scenery\LHS_LH??_?\scenery’ folder and overwrite the old ‘bgl’ file. Re-start your simulator. That’s it.

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