Baggage claim!

March 4, 2021 in Uncategorized by LHSimulations

Another new object group has been finalized for the upcoming scenery. The modern shaped baggage distribution center in front of the Skycourt rearranged the whole T2 apron. All the roads, parking stands, taxiways has been adjusted accordingly as in real life. Next to it you can find an older metal building which actually serves as passanger gates and bus stop. Both object contains fine details and of course we have used PBR materials.
We are working now on the last new object group which is going to be the new cargo terminal and buildings next to runway 31R. It is 70% complete. After that we will work on the night textures and maybe some small adjustments.
The last year built ‘low-cost’ terminal will not be included in the first release but will be added in a later update.

Thanks for your support and patience!
Happy landings!

FAQ: As you can see we are in a very good state but still cannot say any deadline (especially considering the recent MSFS editor bug which halted us for a week) Yes, later P3D v4-5 will be available. (no FSX, no FS9, no X-Plane)