Bud Cargo City

March 26, 2021 in News by LHSimulations

The last set of buildings has been completed now.
BUD Cargo City has been opened in 2019. The two cargo buildings are all together more than 33.000 sqm. Joined to the buildings a new apron has been built which is capable to accomodate two 747 freighter simultaneously. The Cargo City is located on the West side of 31R, so this is going ot be the first buildings what you see when you land at Budapest! So you can now deliver important goods to and from LHBP.
Any particular idea what you will delvier on your first route?

Our plans: The recently built 5500 sqm new terminal (so called economy terminal) will not be included in the first release but in the later planned free update. Now we are finalizing the smaller parts of the airports. We bring some life into it. Fixing some smaller issues.
Cross your fingers because we are experimenting with something at the moment and if we are lucky before the release we can make an additional exciting announcement as well!
We still have plenty of todo but we think in few weeks we can finally press the release button!

Thanks for your enormous support and patient!
Happy landings!