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« on: July 28, 2012, 22:57:25 PM »
I hope of course that 'OFF' is really 'Off Topic' and that my question fits in here. ;D
Because this is a question, which has nothing to do with Flightsimming or Hungarian Sceneries. :o
Although, it has something to do with Hungaria! :D

A few weeks ago I discovered a song on YouTube by the French group Nova Nova. It's a bit 'Café del Mar', 'Hotel Costes', 'Gabin' , the kind of music I like.
After 2:30 there was a surprise, a lady started singing in a very strange language! For me, that is. :)
So I started reading the comments and found out who she was, Márta Sebestyén. And she makes music with the 'Muszikás'.
I found out that this song was on a album from 1986, 'Prisoner's song'. And that 'Prisoner's song' in your language is 'Rabnota'.
And now I'm curious. What's the song about? I couldn't find the lyrics on the Internet. And did Márta sing it again with the French group or did Nova Nova a very nice 'cut & paste' with here voice?

Maybe the answer is somewhere out there. I couldn't find it in English. And the problem is, I don't know what to ask Google in Hungarian! ;D If somebody here knows a link to a website, than Google Translate can help me to read what it says.

Thanks in advance! What? Oh yes of course, the Nova Nova song, click here please!

Theo ;)

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Re: Music!
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2012, 21:53:15 PM »
I found the folk-song, what she sings:

"Ha felmegyek Kolozsvárra..."

Ha felmegyek Kolozsvárra, egyenest a fellegvárra
ott látok sok urat ülni, akik el fognak ítélni.

S rám is nyomtak egy pár évet, szabadulnék de nem lehet
írtam haza az anyámnak, küldjön ruhát rab lányának (fiának).

El is jött az édesanyám, sírva-sírt és borult reám
sírhatsz anyám jajszóval is, egy fiad volt rab lett az is.

Zireg-zörög a vasajtó, most jött be a rabvizsgáló
vizsgálja a börtön falát, nem rúgtam ki az oldalát.

Ha megtalálok én halni, ki fog engem megsiratni
elsirat az én jó anyám, aki gondot viselt reám.

És ha megtalálok halni, minden ruhám rám kell adni
koporsóm se legyen másból, fehér orgona virágból.

That's the full lyrics, but she doesn't sings the part with italic.
Fast translation with corrected google:

"If I go (up) to Kolozsvár (a hungarian city in Transsylvania)..."

If I go up to Kolozsvár, straight to the castle
I see lords sitting there, who are going to judge me.

(They) penalized me with a couple of years, I try to escape, but I can't
I wrote home to my mother to send prisoner clothes to her daughter (son).

My mother came, she's crying, crying, and fell upon me
You can cry my mother, you had one son and now he's a prisoner.

The iron door clatters, here comes in the "prisoner"
examines the prison wall, I didn't kicked its side.

If I die, who will cry for me
my dear mother will cry for me, who cared me.

If I die, all my clothes must be put on me
my coffin must made from white lilac, not from else.

Really sorry, but it's not a literary translation. I hope it helps. ;)
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Re: Music!
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2012, 19:55:08 PM »
Ah, thank you!

I know, Google translate, haha! It sometimes re-invent a language. :D

But it's nice to know what the song is about.

Theo ;)