Error 502! – Solved

June 5, 2014 in News

Since a few days you might have seen an error message stating your LHBP scenery is nearing obsolescence. It also said you should run the LHSproductact.exe but even after that the message still appeared. That is a mistake from our side, we apologize.

The problem has been solved. The new dll is on the server.
You need to run the LHSproductact.exe file in [FS root]\Addon scenery\LHS_LHBP_X folder. It should say activation succesfull.
When running the FS it will ask if you trust in LHBP_objectPLacer.dll . Simply say yes (twice)
If the problem still exist, go to your Modules folder, delete the LHBP_objectPlacer.dll and run the the LHSproductact.exe (after that a new dll should appear). If you right click on the dll -> Properties -> Details . File version should be

Again I apologize because of the problem.