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Budapest Liszt Ferenc repülőtér (LHBP)
Price: 15.00,- EUR

12,- EUR (excl. VAT)

-25% !!!

So far our biggest work, Budapest - Liszt Feren airport LHBP. For more details click on the More details button.

For Prepar3D v4 too!



Győr-Pér (LHPR) és Bőny-Győrszentiván
Price: 11.25,- EUR

9,- EUR (excl. VAT)

-25% !!!

First payware project of LHSimulations. The scenery includes two airports. Pér LHPR is an international airport with asphalt runway. Bőny is a small airport with grass runway very close to the M1 motorway. The sceneries features a lot of eyecandies. This is an all for one package, with one purchase you can download all versions (FS2004, FSX, X-Plane).

For FSX Steam Edition too!e!



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