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BREAKING NEWS!: Version 2.1 has been released for MSFS and Prepare3D including the new "Economy" Terminal! Further details here!

Aircraft re-paints

A320, L-39, EC-135, BAe-146/Avro-85, 737-200

Malév HA-LEA Boeing 737-200 livery for CaptainSim:

Download link:


Download:  Malév 737-200 livery for CaptainSim (Server DE) (1749 downloads)


QUALITYWINGS AVRO-85/BAe-146 TNT-MALÉV Repaint for FS2004 :

Download:  QUALITYWINGS AVRO-85/BAe-146 TNT-MALÉV Repaint for FS2004 (Server DE) (1218 downloads)

Download link:


L-39 Albatros – Hungarian Air Force “Cápali” – Dough Bree Design :


Download :  HuAF 135 Shark Livery (Server DE) (1798 downloads)


WizzAir – AirbusX :

Download link:  http://lhsimulations.com/Downloads/Repaints/Airbus X Wizzair HA-LPI.rar

Download :  Airbus X WizzAir repaint (Server DE) (2057 downloads)


EC135 HA-ECA Air Ambulance Hungary – Heiko Richter Model 

Download link:  http://lhsimulations.com/Downloads/Repaints/ec135t-2 ha-eca.zip

Download:  Ec135T-2 Air Ambulance Hungary Livery (Server DE) (1804 downloads)


EC120b HA-EUR Fly 4 Less Hungary – Nemeth Designs Model :

Download link: http://lhsimulations.com/Downloads/Repaints/texture.eur.zip

Download: Eurocopter Ec120b Repaint (Server DE) (850 downloads)

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