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RELEASED!: Hungary Airport Pack 2 is available on MSFS Marketplace!

Debrecen Airport scenery update

The largest building of Debrecen Airport is getting into shape!


Hungary Airport Pack 1 - v1.0.7 update

Hungary Airport Pack 1 (former West Pack) 1.0.7 update is available now in the MSFS Content Manager! Major changes were done in the Meidl Airport (LHFM) scenery, lot of new refurbished objects and a new extremely accurate photobackground were added. Happy landings Folks!


Exciting news for HAP 1

An update is coming for the Hungary Airport Pack 1 (West Pack) for @MSFS . The update includes exciting new features for Meidl Airport, Fertőszentmiklós (LHFM), with the main building and tower completely redone by Tibi. Additionally, a new hangar has been added on the South side of the airport, along with various eyecandies. One significant improvement is the complete custom background photo, constructed with drone photography to ensure accuracy in every tiny detail, such as painted lines, cracks, bumps, wear and more. The pictures speak for themselves, showcasing the enhancements coming with the update.


Need gas? No problem!

We might have went a little bit too far with the details in this one 🙂 
Fuel station at Debrecen Airport LHDC @MSFS


Budapest LHBP v2 - Prepar3D v6 installer

Budapest LHBP v2 is now available for Prepar3D v6 as well! You can download it from our webshop! We have uploaded the new installer to simMarket too but it may take 1-2 business day until it will be available!


Happy New Year!

We are launching 2024 with the pictures of the most anticipated airport!


Hungary Airport Pack 1 update!

Morning fellow Pilots! Hungary Airport Pack 1 (as known as Hungary West Pack)update is now available in the @MSFS content manager! We have renamed the product from West Pack to Hungary Airport Pack 1. We solved the terrain elevation issues at LHPR and LHPP finally. There are some other small fixes, you can read at our discord! Happy landings!


Hungary Airport Pack 2 is released!

Hungary Airport Pack 2 has been released for MSFS. Esztergom (LHEM) and Matkópuszta (LHMP) is looking forward to welcome new pilots!


Hungary Airport Pack 2

We have some exciting news for you! Soon, we are going to release an airport pack for MSFS containing two handcrafted and highly detailed airfields: Esztergom (LHEM) and Matkopuszta (LHMP). Both accurately represent the real airports and were created by our friend Tibor Kókai from PWDT. The LHMP airport scenery, previously released in the freeware section, now includes a highly detailed satellite background and additional objects.

The Esztergom Airport, or correctly the id. Rubik Ernő Airfield, introduces a new feature: a 4cm/pixel (MSFS maximum) background covering the entire airfield, created with drone photography. The pack will be named 'Hungary Airport Pack 2.' Allow us to clarify its significance.

We are restructuring our products slightly. The Hungary West Pack will be renamed to 'Hungary Airport Pack 1' because we are uncertain whether our future sceneries will follow the logic of West and East separation. This Airport Pack 2 serves as an example, with one airfield on the west side and the other on the east side of Hungary.

The Hungary West Pack will receive an update, addressing bugs and introducing new enhancements along with the name change. It will also be converted to a 'real' package structure, allowing you to install/de-install the airports individually.

Currently, we are working on the Debrecen Airport scenery. Rather than simply converting the legacy scenery (originally created for FS2004), we are rebuilding every object from scratch. The standalone product will include a brand new photobackground, partly created with drone photography and AI-assisted satellite photography. As the second-largest airport in Hungary, we believe it deserves this attention!


Debrecen LHDC


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