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Hungary Airport Pack 2

We have some exciting news for you! Soon, we are going to release an airport pack for MSFS containing two handcrafted and highly detailed airfields: Esztergom (LHEM) and Matkopuszta (LHMP). Both accurately represent the real airports and were created by our friend Tibor Kókai from PWDT. The LHMP airport scenery, previously released in the freeware section, now includes a highly detailed satellite background and additional objects.

The Esztergom Airport, or correctly the id. Rubik Ernő Airfield, introduces a new feature: a 4cm/pixel (MSFS maximum) background covering the entire airfield, created with drone photography. The pack will be named 'Hungary Airport Pack 2.' Allow us to clarify its significance.

We are restructuring our products slightly. The Hungary West Pack will be renamed to 'Hungary Airport Pack 1' because we are uncertain whether our future sceneries will follow the logic of West and East separation. This Airport Pack 2 serves as an example, with one airfield on the west side and the other on the east side of Hungary.

The Hungary West Pack will receive an update, addressing bugs and introducing new enhancements along with the name change. It will also be converted to a 'real' package structure, allowing you to install/de-install the airports individually.

Currently, we are working on the Debrecen Airport scenery. Rather than simply converting the legacy scenery (originally created for FS2004), we are rebuilding every object from scratch. The standalone product will include a brand new photobackground, partly created with drone photography and AI-assisted satellite photography. As the second-largest airport in Hungary, we believe it deserves this attention!


Debrecen LHDC



Homework for the weekend: There are 38.249 differences between the two pictures, mark all of them! Good luck 😉


New version for Hungary West Pack is available (WU14 fix)

The update for Hungary West Pack is available now in the content manager! We address some taxiway issues at LHFM and vegetation at LHSM but the main goal of the new version is to solve the issues of WU14 BUT you need to change the scenery package order therefore you need to enable the developer tools in MSFS. The steps are the following!:
  1. In the main Menu go to Options then General Options
  2. Open the Developers section
  3. Enable Developer mode (an additional black menu bar will appaer on the top)
  4. On this new menu Open the Tools menu
  5. Select Scenery Package Order
  6. In the list look for the 'lhsimulations-huwest' and push the down arrow
  7. The 'lhsimulations-huwest' will drop below
  8. You can now turn off the developer mode and load the flight!


Summer Sale 2023!

In the MSFS Marketplace currently there is a Summer sale and you can get our products with 30% discount!


Budapest LHBP Airport scenery Trailer

New official MSFS LHBP Budapest Airport Video by AviationLads! Happy Landings!


v2.2. is out!

v2.2.0 is out for LHBP Budapest MSFS , check your content manager to update it!


Building of Hungarocontrol is coming to MSFS LHBP v2.2!

We are doing the final touches on v2.2. New object is the beautiful building of Hungarocontrol.


Budapest LHBP update is coming soon

An update 2.2.0 is coming for Budapest LHBP for MSFS. It will include some new objects and fixes:
Aeroplex Hangar added
New Hungarocontrol building added
Airline Codes for Parking
Smoother taxiway lines
Relocated HA-LCA
Working Gate 45
New safedocks (VDGS) pylons (not functional)
Removed Lufthansa Technik Inflatable Hangar
Pylons at the Cargo Ramp have rendering artifacts (fixed)
Some Apron Pylon reflectors turn off their light when in distance (fixed)


Hungary west pack 1.0.4 released on the marketplace!

Bug fixes:
LHPR : correction of the grass rwy heading
New features:
LHSM : New fourth appron. Adjustment of buildings, park positions and background.
Static aircrafts like gliders and single engine aircraft appears only in summer season and during daytime.

New Landmark objects:
Abbey of Pannonhalma
Bazita TV tower
Győr TV tower
Hegyhát TV Tower
Kozármisleny Radio tower
Pécs TV tower
Sopron TV tower


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