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Hungary Landmarks Pack

Freeware – FS2004, FSX

he idea Hungary Landmarks Pack is to model all significant building of Hungary which is used as VFR navigation point. We would like to include bridges, churches and famous buildings.
The very first version of this scenery was launched in 2010 september, it was called Hungary Landmarks Pack Part 1. We were converting google 3D warehouse objects to Flight Simulator objects. Later we realized the conversion takes a lot of time and the results are not always acceptable. Unfortunately the quality of these object were not on the same level as for any other LHS work, so we decided to discontinue this method. The Part 1 version is considered now as obsolete. We decided to make a new start with Landmark Pack v1.0. In the 1.0 we use only one object from the old Part 1 version, this is the bridge of K?röshegy. The rest of the objects are brand new objects.
We intend to update this scenery frequently, focusing on the objects which are in the vicinity of LHSimulations modeled airports.
(Bottom of this page you can find a Google map, what shows which objects we have modeled and where they are.)

Download links:

FS2004:  FSX (SP2, FSX Acceleration), FSX Steam edition, Prepar3D* (1.4, 2.x, 3.x,4x): 

Hungary Landmarks Pack FS2004

Hungary Landmarks Pack FSX(SE) P3D

* Some objects may not appaer in Prepar3D.


For complete functionality you have to install the LHSimulations Library Base Pack 08-12 (or higher version, format means MM-YY) if it is not installed yet! Download link for Library Base Pack here:
FS2004 :  Library Base Pack FS2004
 FSX : Library Base Pack FSX FSX SE P3D


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