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Building of Hungarocontrol is coming to MSFS LHBP v2.2!

We are doing the final touches on v2.2. New object is the beautiful building of Hungarocontrol.


Budapest LHBP update is coming soon

An update 2.2.0 is coming for Budapest LHBP for MSFS. It will include some new objects and fixes:
Aeroplex Hangar added
New Hungarocontrol building added
Airline Codes for Parking
Smoother taxiway lines
Relocated HA-LCA
Working Gate 45
New safedocks (VDGS) pylons (not functional)
Removed Lufthansa Technik Inflatable Hangar
Pylons at the Cargo Ramp have rendering artifacts (fixed)
Some Apron Pylon reflectors turn off their light when in distance (fixed)


Hungary west pack 1.0.4 released on the marketplace!

Bug fixes:
LHPR : correction of the grass rwy heading
New features:
LHSM : New fourth appron. Adjustment of buildings, park positions and background.
Static aircrafts like gliders and single engine aircraft appears only in summer season and during daytime.

New Landmark objects:
Abbey of Pannonhalma
Bazita TV tower
Győr TV tower
Hegyhát TV Tower
Kozármisleny Radio tower
Pécs TV tower
Sopron TV tower


Christmas SALE!!

Between 22nd of December and 04th of January both of our MSFS products are on 30% sale in the built in MSFS Marketplace!


Sofia LBSF

First bird about our new project, Sofia. There is a very long road ahead but we are looking forward to this journey! Happy landings!


Matkópuszta LHMP - Hungary East Pack

Thanks to our friend Tibor Kókai, Matkópuszta LHMP airport was released today as a free downloadable teaser MSFS scenery for our upcoming Hungary East Pack. More info here!


MSFS Budapest LHBP GSX Profile

GSX profile is available for our MSFS Budapest scenery. So far only the Apron 2 is ready but soon the Apron 1 will be ready too. You can download it from here.
We plan to release profile for Hungary West Pack too (LHSM, LHPR, LHPP)

The profiles were created by UDomonkos and no_name. Huge thanks to them!


LHBPv2.1.0 for Prepar3D

A new update is available for LHBPv2 for @Prepar3D ! The v2.1 now includes the Economy Terminal! There are multiple changes in the scenery:
  • Economy Terminal
  • VGDS
  • Celebi TowTruck invisible (fixed)
  • HA-LCA Tu-154 static aircraft at Gate45
  • Citibank logo appears during night on the jetways (fixed)
  • Asphalt texture blurred at B2 taxiway (fixed)
  • B1 taxiway sign in the middle of the road (fixed)
  • Bridges over M0 motorway are missing (fixed)
  • Apron lights do not turn on when arriving at the airport (fixed)
  • GSX Level II profile has been included in the installer (thanks to @kubab511 )
  • Pylons at the Cargo Ramp have rendering artifacts (fixed)
  • New safedock VDGS holder pylons


Economy Terminal for MSFS available

A major free update available for our Budapest Aiport MSFS scenery since yesterday. The biggest change in the scenery is the appearence of the so called "Economy Terminal". The 11.500 square meter terminal became the largest building at the airport. The 3D model is in extreme high detail and not only the oustide but the interior of the building is modeled too.
There are multiple other important changes and new features in the scenery too:
  • New Terminal so called "Economy Terminal"
  • Updated interior of Terminal II SkyCourt
  • Terminal II. updated Roughness and Metallic textures
  • New "Hexagon" Apron lamp
  • Functioning Gate 40-44
  • Runway elevation profiles updated they match with the real ones parameters
  • HA-LCA Tu-154 static aircraft at Gate45, again thanks for Tibi
  • Snow coverage adjustment (not final solution due to MSFS limitations)
  • Mesh around 13L corrected
  • Performance optimizations (further LODs, mesh colliders)
  • Citibank logo appears during night on the jetways (fixed)
  • Radar is in incorrect height position (fixed)
  • Ibis Hotel and SRA gate at BudCargo lit up when in far distance (fixed)
  • Some apron objects are lit up when in far distance (fixed)
  • Stand ground markings of R210-212 is in incorrect position (fixed)
  • Snow, fog, rain inside the Terminal (fixed)
If you own already our Budapest Airport MSFS scenery you simply need to start your MSFS go to Profile then Content Manager. It will show that there is a free update available for LHBP.
If you would like to purchase the scenery simply go to the MSFS built-in Marketplace and search for LHBP or Budapest.

If you want to give us some feedback or you want to chat with us visit our Discord!
Happy Landings Guys!


Economy Terminal

Not much to wait


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