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FlyBalaton Sármellék LHSM

Freeware – FS2004, FSX, X-Plane

Very first scenery of LHSimulations. The scenery was created first for FS2004 and later it was converted to FSX and X-Plane. FlyBalaton (Sármellék – LHSM) airport is an international airport with one runway (16/34 – 8000 feet), it is located 5km West to the biggest lake of Hungary Balaton.

Product type: Freeware with limited distribution. Add-on software for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, X and X-Plane-hez.

Download links:

FS2004 LHSM v1.0 Sármellék scenery Build1    

FSX LHSM v1.0 Sármellék scenery Build1

X-Plane : 
X-Plane LHSM v0.99 Beta Sármellék scenery

X-Plane 11 : 
FlyBalaton Sármellék LHSM X-Plane 11

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