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RELEASED!: Hungary Airport Pack 2 is available on MSFS Marketplace!
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Hungary Airport Pack 2

Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC

This is downloadable content for Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can purchase it only through the built in Marketplace of MSFS.

​​Created by PWDTWelcome to Hungary! In this pack you will find two small airports of Hungary in very high detail. Both airports are created from hand crafted objects. We modeled the airport in a way as accurately as possible to the real one.

id.Rubik Erno Airport - LHEM - Esztergom, Hungary
A hungarian airport with very rich history lies next to the most beatiful place in Hungary, the Danube Bend. The airport has a 1000 meter long grass runway.
The airport model contains a very accurate 4cm/pixel background photo created with drone photography.

Matko Airport - LHMP - Matkópuszta, Hungary
This small but fine Airport located in the centre of Hungary. It has a 1130 meter long grass runway. The airport offers excellent resort and dining possibility for the visitiros. Additional to the scenery free version this includes a 10cm/pixel satellite background and some additional objects.

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