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Ilyushin Il-14 in Malév livery

Freeware – FS2004

Type: Freeware (limited distribution)

This aircraft arrived from Mirgorod, Russia to Budapest, Tököl in december, 1987.
Later, 8th December flew to Ferihegy for storing at Aircraft Memorial Park.
In 2009 had been restored by Endre Zsaludek and his enthusiastic team.
The aircraft got a new paint and fully functional right engine.
More info at www.il-14.hu temporarly only in Hungarian language.
Unzip and run the setup.exe and follow the instructions. After installation you
get a complete aircraft with custom gauges, sounds and effects.
Model: Jens B. Kristensen
Gauges: Alexander Belov, Stepan Gritsevsky
Panel and base textures: Kazachek
Repaint: Tibor Kókai

Download link: FS2004 - Ilyushin Il-14 in Malév livery and original aircraft (Server DE) (2726 letöltés)

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