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RELEASED!: Hungary Airport Pack 2 is available on MSFS Marketplace!
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Budapest Airport v2

Only for Prepar3D v4, v5 and v6!

The Budapest Liszt Ferenc LHBP airport (former Ferihegy airprort) is Hungary`s biggest airport, connecting Hungary`s capital Budapest with several European destination.

  • Literally all of the existing objects were enhanced among some new buildings.
  • All buildings and objects have now PBR materials for the most realistic look.
  • All old objects received 2K resolution textures instead of 1K. (2048x2048 textures instead of the original 1024x1024!)
  • The ground textures have been completely reworked. Bump, detail textures and rain effect has been added.
  • All jetways are working now! (SODE is required: https://sode.12bpilot.ch/)
  • Dynamic lights on the aprons!
  • New buildings: Economy Terminal, Terminal II PIER, BudCargo, two new DHL building, TNT building, Lufthansa “Balloon” Hangar, WizzAir Hangar, Lufthansa Warehouse, Ibis Hotel, Aeropark (relocated and new planes)
  • Cargo Apron, Foxtrot taxiway
  • Airport (and runways) position has been adjusted to real world one (matches with MSFS)


Product type: Payware, content under copyright. No refund. Add-on software for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulator software.

Delivery method: Digital download. During the installation permanent internet connection is required.

Available versions: Prepare3D v4.x, Prepar3D v5.x and Prepar3D v6.x


  • High resolution photobackground covering the airport and the close vincinity of the airport
  • Seasonal textures of background and custom (no default) vegetation for summer and winter
  • Airport`s taxiway/gate/parking stand layout represents accurately the current status
  • Custom textured taxiways, runways and aprons
  • Very accurate projection of the taxilines and markings in high resolution
  • Background (lines, aprons, concrete textures, dirts, roads etc. on the airport) uses as less layer as possible for the best performance
  • The background have less vertex (polygons) than our LHDC Debrecen airport where there is only one runway and much less parking stands, taxiways
  • Custom 3D runway edgelights, taxilights, touch down zone lights, approach light poles
  • Custom light system at the whole airport, no default light system is used, means all lights are there where the real one is
  • Working jetways (SODE is required) https://sode.12bpilot.ch/
  • Intensive use of LOD`s (Level of detail), farer objects are projected in a simplified detail to reduce the amount of vertex`s to be drawned by the GPU
  • Buildings are accurately modelled with optimized resolution 
  • The inside of the SkyCourt (Main terminal, T2) is modelled (you can see through the window)
  • Reflection (glass) and bump (normal map or depth map) textures are used with PBR materials
  • During winter the building`s roofs will be covered with snow (to come in later patch)
  • The aviation museum close to the final of rwy 31L is modelled by Tibor Kókai
  • Animated road traffic around the airport (to come in later patch)
  • All published approches will be created in the AFCAD file, means all RNAV, ILS, VOR, NDP approaches will be available in the default FS GPS/GNS
  • Automatic season change for vegatation, photobackground and building`s roof
  • Animated vehicles on the aprons (to come in later patch)
  • "Add-on" type installation, custom installation location is possible

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