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Budapest Airport v2 for MSFS


You can purchase it through the MSFS built in Marketplace!
Launch your MSFS, select marketplace, in the top right corner enter lhsimulations to the search bar. It will list all of our content:

The long awaited airport scenery is finally here! Hungary`s main HUB represented in high detail. Liszt Ferenc Airport (formerly Ferihegy Airport) connects the capital of Hungary, Budapest with several European destinations.nnTwo runways are waiting for you to land and to shoot you to any destination. When you land take a look at our unique tower, connect to the newly built PIER, drink a coffee in the Skycourt, visit the aeropark and look at the legends of the sky.
Since the original publishing of the scenery several new buildings has been built which are now included as well. A brand new cargo apron with two huge cargo buildings is one of the most significant change but there are dozens of others.
This is not a simple conversion, all objects have been reworked. They got 2048x2048 (originally 1024x1024). Bump and PBR maps are added.

- Very accurate representation of the airport
- High resolution photobackground covering the airport and the close vincinity of the airport
- Airport`s taxiway/gate/parking stand layout represents accurately the current status
- Functioning Jetways (except gate 40-41-42-43, they will be patched later)
- Custom textured taxiways, runways and aprons
- Intensive use of LOD`s for better performance
- PBR materials
- GSX Support, profile available from here

Future free updates will bring soon:
- Custom airport traffic
- further performance optimizations (LOD`s, Mesh colliders)
For further info visit our Discord Server

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