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No Buildings and/or jetways! (Prepar3D / FSX)

Question: Jetways and/or VDGS is missing


For the jetways you need SODE which can be downloaded for free from here: https://sode.12bpilot.ch/

For the VDGS you need this: https://secure.simmarket.com/12bpilot-sode-vdgs-pack-fsx-p3d.phtml

Question: I cannot see the buildings. The jetways are there, but the terminals and some other stuff is missing.


This means that the LHBP_objectPlacer64.dll or LHBP_objectPlacer.dll is not working. This dll is used to place different objects into the sim.

Get the latest installer:
Please make sure that you are using the latest installer. Please log in to the webshop and under Profile / Purchased products download the latest installer (look for higher Build number). If you purchased the product at 3rd party like Simmarket go to your 3rd party website.
If you get any error message during the installation or when the simulator is loading, check the error-messages page for explanations. If you can not find that particular message please send a message in Discord product-support topic or send us an email.

Check the status: Open a flight, and take a look at the "Add-ons" - "LHSimulations Sceneries status" and click on "About installed LHSimulations products". A window will appear and lists all scenery status. Each scenery is checked against 3 conditions.
XXXX is installed according to CFG - which means the scenery is found in the scenery library or in the Add-Ons it is activated;
XXXX registry entry is ok - which means the scenery was installed properly, all data is found in the registry;
XXXX product key is valid - which means the genuine test has been passed.
If one of the check is failed the objects will not show up.


If you do not see the menu option at all: In case of Prepar3D v4 and upwards:
Go to the start menu of the simulator. In the Add-ons page check if LHSimulations ObjectPlacer and the scenery itself is activated. The add-on.xml's are placed to the default location [Documents\Prepar3D vX Add-ons]. If you installed the scenery somewhere else the add-on.xml will point to that location but the xml itself will be there.


Check the presence of the DLL:
Please check if the LHBP_objectPlacer.dll or LHBP_objectPlacer64.dll is on the location:
FSX/Prepar3D v1-v3: [FSX/Prepar3D root]\Modules
Prepar3D v4 and upwards: [Documents\Prepar3D vX Add-ons\LHSimulations ObjectPlacer]
If it is not present try to run the LHSactivator.exe with Administrator rights in the folder where you installed the scenery. If there is a problem this program should throw an error message. If you get an error message check the details under error-messages . If everything is okay then a message will come up "LHSimulations scenery activation is successful", in your ObjectPlacer folder the LHBP_objectPlacer.dll should be present now. 

Some anti-virus program may block the "LHSactivator.exe" and prevents it from either downloading the DLL and/or activating your product. Please check your anti-virus software.

Reinstall or Update SimConnect
If everything looks okay but still no buildings you might try to reinstall your simconnect: Look for your Prepar3D root folder like:
*D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\redist\Interface*
There you find 3 versions of simconnect, you might have to install all 3.:

In case of FSX/Prepar3D v1-v3 If the dll is present in your Modules folder then find and check your dll.xml file. You can find the file if you copy and paste this into your Windows File Explorer adress bar. %APPDATA%\Microsoft\FSX or Prepar3D Try and see if you can find this part in there (usually at the end of the file): LHBP objectPlacer False Modules\LHBP_objectPlacer.dll You may use the FSX DLL.XML Viewer and Repair Utility from flight1 to edit your dll.xml. You can find it here: https://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=library You may try to move this section to the top of the dll.xml file after the False line. If you have never edited your dll.xml we recommend to use FSXML program created by flight1

Please try to update your simconnect:
Simconnect Service Pack 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByD3shUNinyfSXdnS2VpT1ZNU0E
Simconnect Service Pack 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByD3shUNinyfN3pIdTVSYmNaX3c

The menu is present, everything seems to be okay but the objects still does not appear:
Please check the encoding of your add-ons.xml and scenery_add-ons.xml with Notepad++ (freeware program) it must be encoded with UCS-2 LE BOM / UTF-16 LE BOM characterset (bottom right corner you will find the encoding, in encoding menu you can change it).
The add-ons.xml can be found here :
:\Users[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D vX
:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D vX
:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery_add-ons.xml .
Please check all three.

You can create installer, DLL and SimConnect log to get further information, the steps are described in the Log Creation page.
If you still have a problem please contact us here at product-support

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