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RELEASED!: Hungary Airport Pack 2 is available on MSFS Marketplace!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase a scenery?

You can purchase our sceneries in our webshop however some of our content is available at third party resellers and our MSFS 2020 content is only available in the MSFS built-in Marketplace.
To use our webshop you will need to register an account with an email. After the purchase the product code and the download link will be available through the webshop account. You can access the product later anytime here.

What payments method can I use?

In our webshop you can pay with PayPal. PayPal accepts many credit and debit cards. You do not necessarily need to register an account at PayPal. If for some reason you cannot pay with PayPal please contact us at info@lhsimulationsc.com

Can I buy the scenery somewhere else?

The sceneries are first released in our webshop. After a few weeks they become available on different flight sim shops. Currently our re-selling partner is  simMarket. As mentioned before MSFS conent is exclusively available through the MSFS built-in Marketplace only.

Do I get an invoice about the purchase?

Of course. You will get an electronic invoice via email, and the pdf version can be downloaded in your webshop profile. The invoice is issued according the information you entered in your webshop profile. The invoice will come with electronic signature and electronic date stamp and it is valid without signature. 

Are the prices include VAT?

Yes. If you are an EU citizen your home country's VAT rate is going to be applied. Please always select the country of your resident accordingly on the top of the webshop or in your webshop profile.
If you are purchasin in a name of a company please contact us prior you purchase because then we need to manually issue a valid invoice for you!

What kind of rules are valid for you product(s)?

The products are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The software product is licensed, not sold. You can download the EULA from here: http://lhsimulations.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/07/EULA_EN.pdf 
Through the webshop you can purchase the scenery for home entertainment purpose only. If you would like to receive a commercial license contact us directly.

I have lost my registration code. What shall I do?

Login to the webshop with your email address and password, open your profile and push the "Purchased products" button. On this page you can find every products you have purchased and the belonging registration code and download links.

Can I hand over, share my registration code to somebody or to you?

No, that is strictly forbidden! The registration code is your own, you have purchased it. In case the registration code is shared.
We never ever will ask you to send us your registration code referring e.g. for database lost. If you receive such a request, it is for sure a cheat or fraud, in this case please inform us in info@lhsimulations.com.

When a new version is released for the product, do I have to buy it again?

In case of subversion change (e.g. v1.1 to v1.2) of course not. We may apply different rules but only to your advantage.
In case a new version is available, we inform you in a newsletter (if you subscribed). Then log in to the webshop, open your profile than purchased products, you will see a new download link. The same registration code can be used.

For every product is valid that I can download any flight simulator version like FS9, FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane?

At the product yes where we do not explicitly highlight in its name, that it is for a specific simulator and in the description we mention that this is an all for one package.

At every product all simulator versions are identical? For example the FSX is completely same as Prepar3D, MSFS?

No. Between the simulators there are differences due to its technological limits, so the versions are not exactly the same but similar. We can say that the best quality product is the MSFS version.

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