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Hungary East Pack LHMP scenery

Freeware – MSFS 2020

Free Hungary East Pack teaser

The scenery was created by our friend Tibor Kókai.
This is a freely available airport from our Hungary East Pack which will be released later. For more info about the West Pack click here.

Matkópuszta Airport is located 10 km from Kecskemét, easily accessible from the M5 motorway, and its history began in the 1990s: From the World Ultralight Championship to the European Unlimited Aerobatics Championship, several international competitions have been and will be held in the future. At weekends, the airport is transformed into a tandem and parachute jump venue for adrenaline junkies. By prior arrangement, it is also possible to go for a flight in a paraglider, aerobatics or even hot air ballooning. The alpha and omega of the airport is the hangar, which is a unique venue for both private and corporate events. Our Székely-chalet recreation area is located on 3 hectares of land next to the airport. The 4 two-storey, tastefully furnished chalets can accommodate a total of 24 people.

Hungary East Pack LHMP scenery MSFS v1

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